Jennifer Espenscheid

Biography & Artist Mission

Jennifer works with her clients to create pieces specific to the needs of a particular space and desire. From corporate art in Jennifer Espenscheidoffices, public art in hotels and Restaurants, to residential work & special gifts.

Wall Sculpture, Murals, Fine Art, Abstract Oils, Marketing Design, & Illustrations are some of the things in her repertoire.

Jennifer EspenscheidJennifer EspencheidJennifer Espenscheid was born in Spearfish South Dakota, firstborn daughter to loving and creative parents, who from her very beginnings fostered unconditionally her wandering imagination. Her parents gave her the first tools to draw, paint, write, and build, along with the freedom and enthusiasm to create. Her parents were her first subjects & patrons buying, with sweet amusement, her tiny drawings and misspelled books for quarters when she was 3.

Along with breath, love, and sleep art has always been an intrinsic part of my life. It is in and all around me. I see it, I feel it, everywhere.

Jennifer attained her discipline and design process at the University of Milwaukee where she earned a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. After graduation and a year of traveling North America she began painting murals in San Francisco. California gave her a start and a portfolio to travel and work from. In the years that followed she has created murals and custom fine art throughout the US and Canada. It has afforded her travel and experience from all over the world.

It is from this well of ideas, influences, and energy accumulated from my beginnings, education, travel, and most recently the birth and amazing life of my daughters, that I draw from for each project! With every piece, my goal is to inspire it. To breathe life into it, to infuse it with color and meaning and to have an animating effect on the space and people who experience it.

It is wonderful to stimulate the client’s imaginations in the process and create a specialized piece or space based on their wishes, my inspiration, and my professional and intuitive aesthetic sense!”

Painting for a show allows me to test new materials, break down previously unseen boundaries, and expose my self and the viewer to fresh energy communicated visually. Everyday I feel invigorated by the things I get to create and blessed when others choose to bring that creation into their lives.


Artists Statement

I wonder, I explore, I create, I inspire, I am curious, I am alive. My Work is an ever-evolving organic extension of who I am- and at the same time the reason for who I am.

With each piece, I begin with the end- with what I want to experience then- this is what I am compelled to orchestrate. I decide what will work with me to call the piece into being; what media, what music, image, research, knowledge, or found objects. The evolution of each creation is entirely its own. I work with the intended spirit always in mind and in the end that spirit will breath, quite alive, from the canvas, metal, bone, & paint. During the process I am fueled with inspiration drawn from a vast, diverse, and bottomless well, filled with my experience of the wonders of this world and of concepts beyond it.

Each piece is an experiment in capturing an intersection of time, a snapshot of an event or process or emotion that may have happened a million times before. It could be an explosion, oxidation, fire, trauma, birth, joy, or sorrow; its essence must be held in the media. The snapshot cannot be still – I want the viewer to see corrosion forming, the passion burning, to feel the calm that adrenalin leaves you with after violence. The work is living.

I succeed with a piece when the influences that I’ve distilled from experience, imagination, and the cosmos are translated to canvas and evoke personalized responses in each individual. I am always fascinated with this organic process.

- Jennifer Espencheid