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  • Price: varies
  • Frame: options or ready to hang
  • Material: Printed on textured canvas, paper, metal.....

AniMind recognizes there is a buiszeeeee Universe in our skulls.
Mind defines us. We think with it, feel with it, reason with it, fight with it, and sometimes loose it. Validating the different aspects as Animals of our Mind can bring fascination as well as clarity. Memory Elephant, thoughts and gifts from the past. JellyFish No-Mind, peacefully empty. Solitary Tiger, alone and strong with your thoughts. Partner Hawk, seeking a mate and a family. Social Birds, communicating and community. Transformative Butterfly, morphing into newness when called. Flexible Snake, fitting where and when he needs to and shedding old skin when its time to let go. Milkweed and Ferns, playing a beautiful part in sustaining the system and flourishing. Realize the benefits all your Animals bring to your Life and your mind will come into Balance.

Signed Reproductions

As Prints on heavy archival paper / FREE shipping:
2×3’ $99 / 3×4’ $129 / 3×5‘ $169 / 4×5’ $179

As Tapestries on smooth or hand painted textured fabric:
hemmed and ready to hang / FREE shipping:
2×3’ $169 / 3×4’ $269 / 3×5’ $329 / 4×5’ $390

Un-hemmed for Stretching FREE shipping:
2×3’ $139 / 3×4’ $239 / 3×5’ $299 / 4×5’ $359

On hand painted textured fabric over wood frame ready to hang:
2×3’ $290 / 3×4’ $469 / 3×5’ $529 / 4×5’ $569

This creation can be custom printed at any size on metal, acrylic, stretched canvas, framed, outdoor proof, fabric, & on wallpaper. Art can usually be produced and shipped within 2 weeks and rushed if needed. Please Inquire with your specific needs.
414.324.5439 // thesomashow@gmail.com