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  • Price: varies
  • Frame: options or ready to hang
  • Material: Printed on textured canvas, paper, metal.....

Are you dreaming or are you awake… and what is the difference? That precious mind. Your thoughts and actions in your dreams and awake states have far reaching effects, the power of your mind can send and attract energy and connect you to the Source. Can your awake be more dreamy than a dream? Can you find answers to ‘real life’ in your dreams? Be Awake in your Dreams
Between asleep and awake there is a time of ultimate vision. You are neither, no-thing….you are as a chrysalis. Not caterpiller or butterfly, you are fresh mushy goo with traces of past and future, real and unreal, magic and mundane….here your thinking can be transformative, revolutionary, completely unadulterated and blissful. Now capture that loosely and live it. DreamAwake!

Dream Awake brings magical focus to the bluuuuuur that is our lives.

Signed Reproductions

As Prints on heavy archival paper / FREE shipping:
2×3’ $99 / 3×4’ $129 / 3×5‘ $169 / 4×5’ $179

As Tapestries on smooth or hand painted textured fabric:
hemmed and ready to hang / FREE shipping:
2×3’ $169 / 3×4’ $269 / 3×5’ $329 / 4×5’ $390

Un-hemmed for Stretching FREE shipping:
2×3’ $139 / 3×4’ $239 / 3×5’ $299 / 4×5’ $359

On hand painted textured fabric over wood frame ready to hang:
2×3’ $290 / 3×4’ $469 / 3×5’ $529 / 4×5’ $569

This creation can be custom printed at any size on metal, acrylic, stretched canvas, framed, outdoor proof, fabric, & on wallpaper. Art can usually be produced and shipped within 2 weeks and rushed if needed. Please Inquire with your specific needs.
414.324.5439 // thesomashow@gmail.com