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Green Ribbon – Clockshadow Building

  • Commissioned by: Juli Kaufmann / Fix Development
  • Material: Fabric
Where work can be viewed:
ClockShadow Building
130 W. Bruce St. milwaukee wi, 53204

The Clockshadow Building finally broke ground as I was starting to paint Green Ribbon.  A year earlier I submitted several concepts that could educate people on the sustainable nature of the building, the Earth, and the Environment.  The original painting, dramatic 74′ long mural printed on fabric, educational panels and signs printed on acrylic all add to the branding, flow, and experience of the buildings users.  Starting at the ground the Green ribbon  depicts one renewable energy source per floor.  Starting with the center of our Earth is Geothermal, then Bio Energy, Wind, Hydro, and Solar at the roof top garden level.  The amazing building staircase wraps around it so as you ascend or descend your journey is a meaningful and inspired one.