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The Bridge

  • Price: varies
  • Frame: options or ready to hang
  • Material: Printed on textured canvas, paper, metal.....

The Bridge reminds us where we are…. and its never the same place.
Every great meeting, thought, orgasm, birth, conception, beginning, death, love, laugh and tear had an infinite amount of moments leading just to it. And then It, this monumental thing, or this very Now, becomes just another important or seemingly insignificant precursor to another epic moment. Honor this Bridge of 10 Billion intersections, all that came before and all that will come. Be amazed at how lucky you are to be touch by those around you, to create what you do, to love and be loved, to have received that idea, be connected to the Earth, be revolving around our Sun. Then let it go and BE. Be aware of the organic-magic-seemingly-random-flow of coincidence juxtaposed with the sacred-specific-perfect-timeless patterns…..you are on The Bridge.

Signed Reproductions

As Prints on heavy archival paper / FREE shipping:
2×3’ $99 / 3×4’ $129 / 3×5‘ $169 / 4×5’ $179

As Tapestries on smooth or hand painted textured fabric:
hemmed and ready to hang / FREE shipping:
2×3’ $169 / 3×4’ $269 / 3×5’ $329 / 4×5’ $390

Un-hemmed for Stretching FREE shipping:
2×3’ $139 / 3×4’ $239 / 3×5’ $299 / 4×5’ $359

On hand painted textured fabric over wood frame ready to hang:
2×3’ $290 / 3×4’ $469 / 3×5’ $529 / 4×5’ $569

This creation can be custom printed at any size on metal, acrylic, stretched canvas, framed, outdoor proof, fabric, & on wallpaper. Art can usually be produced and shipped within 2 weeks and rushed if needed. Please Inquire with your specific needs.
414.324.5439 // thesomashow@gmail.com

The Bridge