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Waterphant / Aquaphant

  • Price: varies
  • Frame: ready to hang
  • Material: Printed on textured canvas


Water symbolizes purity and fertility. It is our source, we swam in it as we grew in the womb and our bodies are Water. It is cleansing, calming, & flowing. Water is emotion. Water is feeling. Water is associated with Feminine, the Goddess, West, and Autumn.
A Full & Pregnant Moon as her crown, Waterphant blesses us with very ripe and juicy love & ideas.

One of Four Elementephants that can grace and protect the four directions of your space. Opening everything to the energy of the Up ( the cosmos) and the Down (your roots)
Together they are a force representing all aspects of our physical and spiritual world. Each is crowned with symbols of her element and Moon in different phases.

The Elementephants can be printed on any material, cropped/ sized to fit different spaces and printed on any material.

They are stunning and powerful printed on hand textured canvas that is hemmed and ready to hang, you only need a rod to match your decor!
The Elementephants can be printed vividly or unsaturated to have a more ancient feel. Either way they convey an aura of watchful peace and confident timeless opulence.

30 x 72″ $329 each or a set for $1290 as tapestries on textured canvas / free Shipping in the US
20 x 48″ $269 each or a set for $990 as tapestries on textured canvas / free Shipping in the US

Additional images show texture, vivid & subdued examples, and the Elementephants in a grand entry.

please inquire with any special desires as these can be printed at any size on any material
414-324-5439 / thesomashow@gmail.com