Bill Bonifice

Whatever artistic project you are contemplating, you need to move ahead with Jennifer! I say this with total confidence as I have worked with her in multiple capacities and have a unique vantage point as well as an interesting story to tell.
Projects include her designing and implementing an exhibit of her work in the US Bank Center for ownership, commissioning private work with very specific instructions, commissioning work with only general instructions (“use your imagination” type instructions) and so on. She has also been very charitable donating her excellent work for multiple charitable organizations/functions. The results of all projects have been splendid.

Other than raw talent, her unique strengths are flexibility, work ethic and integrity. We have grown as friends since our first project, so I have been with her as she is contemplating various projects and challenges that inevitably arise. She approaches each project with her client’s unique needs in mind. I say this reflecting on how many artists put their vison first, before their clients. Jennifer will deliver her client’s goals and dreams – not her own – but still bring that special magic she has and work tirelessly to meet a deadline. She is a well-rounded person too – mother, artist, great friend and more
Sharing a personal story, I traveled to India many years ago and the family that hosted placed in our hotel room a statue of an elephant (Ganehsa) facing the door. The family indicated it was a form of protection and the trip turned out wonderfully. Reflecting on this experience, some years later, I commissioned Jennifer to create “some form of elephant art” in the foyer of my home to protect my young family in a symbolically similar way. She created a series of four elephant canvasses, one for each of the four millwork panels of the round entrance foyer, reflecting earth, wind, water and fire. In all instances the elephant’s eyes showed no fear and great strength.
Last summer an individual very unwelcome to our home walked right in our front door and I happened to see them from a room to the side. The front door opened, they looked around after encountering Jennifer’s elephants, stopped dead in their tracks turned around and walked right back out. Bravo Jenn mission accomplished! Imagine what she can do for you!

Bill Bonifas CBRE