Dream Space/ WTF Oregon

Jennifer Espenscheid and Cobie Roberts Neal welcome you into the Dream Space Gallery of art, dialogue and symbols. Jenny and Cobie became quick friends after they shared a brief dialogue on the subjects of mind, spirit and an open heart on the warm dust in the Black Rock desert in the summer of 2014. Cobie is the Wolf Run Ranch manager, a writer and storyteller and uses humor to garner attention to his alchemical philosophy. He lives in the Columbia Gorge region and winters over in Portland, Oregon.  Jenny resides in the great state of Wisconsin where she creates her stunning art and is blessed by the Goddess of Clarity in her paintings.  From this great distance Cobie encountered Jennies art on a website and Sent her an email message that opened their Dialogue back up around winter solstice.  There they began a miraculous journey and vision quest while sharing dreams, words and previous creations of which the results are this gallery at WTF. They conspired to Dream-Vision-Create this fertile space for sharing dreams and open Dialogue.