For Lynda & Paul

Lynda has been a friend and client for years, so when she approached me with this project I was emotionally and intimately invested. Her husband and love of her life had recently passed away and she was seeking solace in a meaningful piece. I immediately drew the vision I had…what I had always witnessed when in the presence of their love… an EternalFlame, moving and burning hot but never out of control–beyond beautiful.

What makes Jenny’s work so unique is that each piece is an original design, inspired by a discussion with the customer about goals, their comfort level with color and design, and most importantly, by an “otherworldly” vision that evolves as she works.

 I envisioned a lotus with petals that were fire-like. Using stainless steel and integrated lighting I could achieve movement and fluidity. She trusted completely. I created the pattern out of heavy paper to determine the perfect size for the wall that would be its home. The pattern was recreated in the computer and the metal watermen cut. While this was happening, I painted the background wood and patinated the frame corner components and sides to contrast yet complement each other. There was also quite a bit of experimenting with lighting…..quite a bit indeed! When the petals were ready, I pulled color from them with an oxy acetylene torch and the process of sculpting, attaching and integrating all the components began. 

The best part was turning on the various lighting and seeing the vision come completely to life….chills. Within a few months we installed this memorial piece in her home, carefully placing his wedding ring and some ashes inside. 

The warm firelight cascades throughout the condo and people often comment from the street far below! Truly a testament to their Eternal Love!