FreeRange, a Soma Show @ Bavette Milwaukee


FreeRange opens a dialogue about the intimacy we can have with our food and how it can elevate our lives and those lives of the animals which
experience this natural concept.

I celebrate this through sculpture created with artifacts almost
exclusively found in Montana on my parent’s organic ranch and the
surrounding range. Hiking the mountains, plains, streams, and pastures, I am a treasure hunter seeking bones and implements of days past that I joyously bring home, just as I did as a child. I imagine the animal’s life or what was the function of this old, rusty tool. I embellish the story and make it three dimensional. I create a tribute to the objects, their spirit, the land and their interactions.

Raised on a ranch in South Dakota and then a farm in central
Wisconsin, I grew up loving, playing with & caring deeply for animals. Their lives were healthy and happy and free range. My family, as natural farmers, played an integral part in the growing of our food; sowing the fields, breeding and birthing the animals, free range raising them, and humanely harvesting. Hunters in our circles honored and utilized each wild animal to the fullest. It wasn’t until I read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair as a child that I understood the horrors of animal production, treatment and slaughter in this country. This understanding is reflected in my art.

Whether you are a vegan or an omnivore, honoring your body and what you consume will improve your life and uplift your mind.
Understanding the source of your food, can bring you a beautiful awareness of quality and sustainability which benefits you, the animals, and the Earth.

Through deliberate action you can make the difference. Reduce the
consumption of processed foods & over consumption of meat. Stop the cruelty of animals as ‘mass produced meat’, the chemicals that are spread on our Earth and soak into our water supply & reject toxins that are injected into animals by choosing organic. Decrease the fossil fuels used to transport food over long distances contributing to global warming by choosing local.
We can take responsibility. We can live FreeRange.