Lynda and Paul

For us, it all began when we saw a stainless steel FreeBird. The bird appears to be in upward flight breaking free of chains below….  From there my husband and I commissioned several works for our home, gifts for dear friends, paintings for my business office, a memorial painting to be placed in a hospice in memory of my brother who passed away, and a memorial stainless wall sculpture “eternal flame” when my husband passed away. Each is beautiful and cherished.

Anyone with talent can replicate the work of others.  What makes Jenny’s work so unique is that each piece is an original design, inspired by a discussion with the customer about goals, their comfort level with color and design, and most importantly, by an “otherworldly” vision that evolves as she works.  As an example, the memorial painting for my brother was inspired after Jenny spent an hour or more on the phone with my sister-in-law, learning about my brother.


just a short note to thank you for the many beautiful pieces of artwork you have created for my husband and me, for family and friends and for my employer.  Each is uniquely different and each evolved through your vision and talent.

Her vision absolutely captured his essence — a hard-working man who gave so much back to family, friends and community.  Likewise, when I asked Jenny to create some kind of wall sculpture to memorialize my husband, she developed the lotus with an internal eternal light and the initial sketches when she was literally “in the clouds” flying somewhere for a vacation.  The ethereal quality of the piece speaks for itself.

My home is filled with these beautiful creations and everyone who visits is immediately in awe…. Every day surrounded by this beauty makes me incredibly happy.  Thank you again Jenny.

-Lynda Templen / Partner @ Husch Blackwell