Custom Commissions

Green Ribbon – 75′ Mural

1 green ribbon 75' ribbon mural ClockShadow Lobby

Commissioned by: Juli Kaufmann Fix Development LLC
Materials Used: Original oil on wood. Mural on fabric with custom hangers, signage printed on acrylic

Juli Kaufman, President of Fix Development LLC, was in the initial stages of creating the ClockShadow Building when she commissioned the Green Ribbon and building wayfinding art.  I envisioned a 75-foot ribbon mural that would ascend from the ground floor to the ceiling five floors above–a piece to convey the true nature of the highly sustainable building. Each level would be represented by a sustainable energy source and the work would be circled, and appreciated, serving as an educational tool as visitors ascend and descend the stairs on their way too and from the mindful businesses in the building. The ground level art depicts and represents geothermal energy climbing to bio, hydro, wind and solar at the roof level. The art and signage throughout the building are details from the original and create a cohesive experience. The education one passively receives just by enjoying the artwork is amazing! Green Businesses, Building & Artwork- yea Baby.

ClockShadow Building–130 W. Bruce St. MKE 53204