Custom Commissions

OmChakra- Symbolic Portrait


Commissioned by: Don Ballard
Materials Used: acrylic and oil on wood set in metal frames with integrated lighting

Don had been saving a space in his great room for something extraordinary, something that spoke to his heart and soul.  He sent me a photo of this massive empty wall, and we talked at length about his life and beliefs and what had meaning for him. Because this piece would be viewed and create impact from so many perspectives and areas of the home, I knew this was an opportunity to truly inspire the family. I wanted the art to change and evoke emotion beyond just the visual meanings.  

In the design I included four sets of Eagle wings for Don and his three sons backed by a Whale tale also a very important animal totem. The energy from the Earth ascends the seven Chakras beyond the horizon at the level of the Heart Chakra, also a compass/true North, the Zenter and source of everything.  On this horizon line, our place in the Universe, Earth and our Solar System span the painting.  As the art descends, the material melts away in a calming cascading pattern to reveal the metal lace and wall behind.

Behind the iron frame and cantilevering out and back from it are integrated changing lights. The wings come in and out of recognition and the tendrils of Chakra energy seem to move and dance while falling forms glimmer. Being able to have the painting breathe and move with the fade setting is a truly spiritual experience as the Chakras pulse and glow in succession. They can also set the light at any color and strength to balance or enhance different moods and energies.