Available Art

Ranger IV

AAS 1 Ranger II detail

Materials Used: Carved Bone & Rack, Metal Artifact, Gems and Oil on Wood in Angle Iron Frame
Size: 3′ x 4′
Price: $3,900

Ranger IV is part of the Soma Show ‘FreeRange’–opening a dialogue about the intimacy we can have with our food. It is an exploration of how food can elevate our lives and those lives of the animals which
experience this natural concept.

I celebrate this through sculpture created with artifacts almost
exclusively found in Montana on my parent’s organic ranch and the surrounding range. Hiking the mountains, plains, streams, and pastures, I am a treasure hunter. I seek bones and implements of days past that I joyously bring home, just as I did as a child. I imagine the animal’s life or what was the function of this old, rusty tool. I embellish the story and make it three dimensional. I create a tribute to the objects, their spirit, the land and their interactions.

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