Custom Commissions

SongBird 12′ Gibson for Guitartown


Commissioned by: City of Waukesha, Guitar Town
Materials Used: Metal, bone, sculpture and oil paint on 12′ fiberglass Gibson sculpture in custom steel stand

The City of Waukesha, home of Les Paul and a US Guitar Town, chose my concept as a winner for one of the 15 commissioned Gibsons. SongBird conveys the reality, or rather duality, of an Artist’s life. The outward persona/front of Songbird is us with our audience: juicy, energetic, inspiring & magnetic.  It is juxtaposed with the back: the behind the scenes reality of work, creation, organization, practice, logistics…and sometimes literal  blood, sweat & tears. The sculpture was deemed too dangerous to display in public and was bought by George Wang, owner of Waukesha Tattoo Co. where it is on permanent display! 

463 W Main St, Waukesha, WI 53186