Violet Lange

I first saw Jennifer’s work at my friend’s house, and it was stunning. There was a power, mystery, and beauty to it that called to me, and I wanted to feel that experience for myself, and to gift myself with such art in my home. I was looking for an expression of my own feminine power I suppose! It felt like there was an energy that wanted to birth itself through me — a new version of me that I couldn’t quite put into words, but which Jennifer captured brilliantly! When she and I first connected, she created a safe space for me to talk about my vision, my feelings, my desires, and my recent experiences of loss and also spiritual growth. There were some symbols and colors that spoke to me, like the wings of Isis and certain constellations of stars, and the colors Ruby Red and UltraViolet. It’s amazing how intuitive and connected she is! Shortly after our call, Jennifer sent me a sketch and it was mesmerizing. I was able to share my preferences on some small details and felt totally empowered during the process. When I received my customized piece, I was shocked by the truth and power it evoked in me. It was like meeting a future and yet ancient version of myself. It is intense, loving, magical, beautiful, graceful, deep, rich, captivating — all the aspects of my divine feminine self which I’m cultivating. The piece is so layered with symbolism and depth that every time I see it, I notice something different. I’m so grateful to have had the experience of someone as talented as Jennifer lovingly creating a customized piece for me. I can’t wait to see all the places UltraViolet takes me! Thank you Jennifer for being such a magical part of my journey.

— Violet Lange Los Angeles